Monday, July 25, 2011

A Call For Experiences

Personal stories have an influence on people that fact does not. This fall semester at UVU the It's Safe OUT Here campaign would like to circulate a sort of "zine" including personal coming out stories and experiences. Coming out as LGBT or allied to family, friends, coworkers etc. The goal of this volume will be to share experiences to encourage other LGBT & allies to Come Out and increase visibility at UVU. These experiences may be expressed in a way you feel most comfortable, be it text or otherwise. Those from Utah County, students and faculty at UVU are most encouraged, but all will be considered for publication. 

Experiences may be submitted handwritten or by Word document. If by Word document please limit to 850 words, 11 in. text and email to If handwritten or another type of media, please limit to 2 8.5 x 11 in. pages and contact for further instruction. Authors may use a pseudonym if they prefer.

In the future isOh campaign will expand this zine to include theory, research, and fiction. 

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