Monday, July 25, 2011


Being comfortable and open about our sexualities allows us to see underlying oppression and expose the oppressors that we may not have seen otherwise. Waiting to hear horror stories years later is a disservice to those who have been persecuted. This campaign can happen many ways- posters, panel discussion by students who are open about their sexuality, publications in the UV Review or an alternative publication focused on sharing “coming out” stories. Considering calling the campaign “It’s Safe OUT Here.”

Goals of campaign:
-Discover oppression on campus and within students’ communities, take action to inform, expose and end hurtful behavior.
-Align LGBTQ & allied students into organizations that allow them to take action.
-Found a solid LGBTQ core of students who are vigilante about harassment and any queer bashing that may take place on campus. This will allow the student (and staff) -LGBTQ population to be well represented in student affairs and campus life.
Push for specific anti-discrimination language in fair employment at UVU.
-Teach LGBTQ folks how to organize.
-Have a core of students who will be heard in municipal anti-discrimination acts in employment and housing in Utah County.
-Be a safe place for future students and young LGBTQ people in Utah County.
-Provide information for parents of LGBTQ students on healthy relationships with their children, open dialogue.

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